Healthcare Policy

 In this assignment, you allure assess the impression of soundness comp on nursing manner and divulge your separation to your peers. provides a register of federal soundness jaws that are currently in manner in Congressional Committees.    Directions A abrupt tutorial after a while tips for completing this assignment may be viewed here: Healthcare Policy (Links to an apparent top.) This assignment allure be in the format of a PowerPoint endowment (Bullet points may be used). You are educating your peers through this endowment in-reference-to a federal jaw you honor may be of concern to nurses. Go to (Links to an apparent top.) Choose a soundness-related federal jaw of concern. Read through the jaw and unfold a abridgment in your own vote. Conceive the jaw reckon and call. Here is a combine to our U.S. legislative manner (jaw to law) for re-examination, if needed. (Links to an apparent top.) Tutorial: For those not common after a while the unfoldment of a PowerPoint slideshow, the forthcoming combine to the Microsoft webtop may be beneficial - (Links to an apparent top.) Include the forthcoming counsel in your endowment Title slide (Your call, NR451, meeting, Healthcare Policy assignment) Bill call and reckon (betray either H.B. or S.B.) Bill abridgment (in your own vote) Address how this jaw command impression authoritative nursing manner standards if passed? If not passed? How command the jaw impression your own nursing manner? How command you divulge your concerns about or buttress for this jaw installed on nursing manner, standards, or unrepining outcomes? How command this jaw impression your association? References slide to conceive the Jaw rise in APA format. No past than 12 slides