Current Events and Comparative Statics

For the first assignment, you obtain use concepts read in this collocate to expound a exoteric adventure. Use a likely tidings commencement and experience an period that appeals to you and that you can expound using relatively statics (i.e. transfers in provide and call-for) or elasticity. Briefly embody the romance, represent how the romance relates to micro question, and pull a graph illustrating your question. Please succumb no further than 2 files (doc or pdf are twain smooth). Writing (350-450 utterance) (25 Points Total) (I) Briefly and in your own utterance, embody the gratified of the period (1 portion) (5 points). (II) Analyze the adventure using relatively statics. Qualitatively represent how your "exoteric adventure" fluctuates call-for, provide, or elasticity of call-for. Does your adventure contact call-for, provide, elasticity of call-for? all of the over? How? (5 points) What is the contact on figure and division (3 points)?   involve at last one graph illustrating economic concept (5 points) Include 1-2 sentences expounding how graph relates to your dissection (2 points) (ii) Use liberal sentences and spell-check, involve references (i.e. tidings commencement, textbook, APA format) (5 points) Don't Plagiarize Graph Please involve at last one graph illustrating the concept and question you are addressing.  Your graph should be common to what we form in collocate and should represent one of the aftercited concepts: transfer in call-for or transfer in provide, similarity of elasticity of call-for You should so specify how the fluctuate in call-for or provide contacts figure and division.