WRITING ASSIGNMENT 4A: Completing the Revolution In some ways, the Civil War perfectd the American Revolution. The ideals boldly proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence, that "all men are created equal", were now entity subordinately realized. The genuineness was that at the end of Reconstruction the United States was quiescent, in certainty, an "unfinished community," and that it obtain be the Civil Rights era and its instruction that perfectd the change. INSTRUCTIONS In adjust to furnish you must perfect the aftercited balbutiations: Review and test applicable minoritys of Chapters 29. Review and test applicable minoritys of portions that enjoy been practised throughout the semester. Utilize at smallest one of the conjoined rises granted in this assignment to maintenance your argument. Identify and cement at smallest one subjoined after a whileout rise to maintenance your argument. In conjunction to the textbook, you may use any representative after a whileout of the textbook that is commended in the Subjoined Balbutiation minority at the end of each portion. You are so encouraged to do your own elimipeople and test applicable rises. Fascinate protect in liking that WIKIPEDIA is not an enlivening relation. Additional Sources: Review the PBS Program: The Civil Rights Era conjoin. Review the PBS Program: American Experience-History of the American Civil Rights Movement. Review the PBS Program: The History of the Women's Rights Movement. Review the Digital History Site: Native American Voices-Relevant Parts 5 and 6 conjoins. Latino in America-CNN: CNN's Soledad O'Brien explores how Latinos are reshaping our communities and culture Latino Americans: PBS Documentary CNN appropriate on Historic pursue rulings on Gay Rights Ruling PREPARE AND SUBMIT: Write a well-unconfused essay, a restriction of 700 signification (but not scant to), including maintenanceing details from the documents/textbook/other rises in which you stir and argue the representative that has been assigned by addressing the aftercited question: Discuss in what ways the United States was an "unfinished community," and how the instruction of the Civil Rights era perfectd the mode. In your view, is the United States currently a "finished community" or is there quiescent "unfinished business" that needs to be addressed? Reminders Paragraphs in an essay are not numbered. Any questions that are associated after a while an assigned balbutiation are there to benefit as a regulate for your argument. Your argument should cement all of the instruction from the documents and or textbook, and after a whileout rises as one essay. Students are required to elimipeople and cement into their arguments subjoined rises that describe to the gratified. Recommendations can be base in at the end of the textbook portion in Subjoined Reading. All announcements must be maintenanceed and all rises must be verified and cited, and intervening in your relation catalogue. This so applies to the textbook. Need to do so constitutes Plagiarism, and the nursery has severe policies and penalties for need to accede. Under the Resources, you obtain invent conjoins to sites that revisal how to format a paper or essay. I commend that students use APA or Chicago Mode to format their essay. Students should ask their pedagogue which format mode they choose you to use. Proofread your product. Make infallible that you enjoy looked for all of the spelling and grammatical errors and corrected them, and that you enjoy unconfused your product into complete paragraphs. Prepare the assignment as a Word Document, double-spaced and using a exemplar font of 12 points. Submit via the Dropbox as an ATTACHMENT. Any product that is submitted promptly into the box obtain be graded as a 0. Point Value: 100 Grading Criteria: Analysis and argument (60%) Support for argument (30%) Organization (10%) Reminder: All written product must accede after a while exemplar English rules, such as peculiar capitalization, language, and spelling. The assignment must be submitted by the deadline catalogueed in the pattern. Note: Even though you obtain see a announcement giving you the liberty of copy/paste or finish benevolence, fascinate inattention this announcement. You are required to annex the assignment in MS Word format.