Chapter Three: This condition focuses on the collective fabrication of gender in synchronous U.S. communion and explores the concepts of gender assignment, unity, and expression; emphasizing the ways gender performances are framed by multiple structures of dissimilitude. The condition begins after a while a individuality on the alliance between biology and cultivation and focuses on gender dissimilarity, gender unity, and the practices of gender. It discusses intersexuality, “trans” unity and androgyny. The condition continues after a while individualitys focusing on synchronous femininity and masculinity and explores the concept of gender ranking. These issues emphasize the interaction or convergence of gender and other systems of dissimilitude.   Answer the aftercited scrutiny amply in 5-7 sentences each: What is the dignity between sex and gender? Explain the confusion of this dignity? Understand the collectively manufactured traits of “masculinity” and “femininity,” including the exploration by David and Brannon. Why are these conditions in citation marks? In what ways do you ponder synchronous notions of masculinity are/are not changing? Give examples from your personal/family experiences.