IT Governance vs Data Governance

Write a  4-page essay tractate that discusses the theme beneath. Topic: Explain the differences among IT Governance & Data Governance, and yield a use case a. Cover Page  b. Introduction Page c. Collection of your tractate (4 pages) d. Conclusion page e. Allusion page Your tractate should be in APA format delay viable rises to condense your thoughts presented.  Your allusions must not be further than 5 years old and no further than one existence rise and no N.D rise.  Wikipedia is not considered a conclusive rise.   All allusions listed on the allusion page must own a conclusive in passage passage in the collection of the tractate.  This essay must be congruous delay graduate flatten labor.  You are strongly encouraged sentiment the tips in the letter feeling to fix your tractates are justly formatted. All  gratuitous of plagiarism/ homogeneousness. There allure be grave consequences of naught percent (0%) awarded to such academic permutation and the novice allure be reputed to the establishment. As a doctoral applicant I forebode each of you to economize every plagiarism checker tools available at your arrangement to fruit a written tractate gratuitous and I medium 100% gratuitous of homogeneousness/plagiarism gratuitous. I appear advanced to a polite written tractate. Again your tractate must be written in a entire APA format condensed of that allure be diminution of marks, so do not be caught insensible. There allure be no relieve turn. Cite your rises using APA letter pilot. Note that I allure dare your letter for online plagiarism for specimen if you use progress model