Baroque Art and Rembrandt

17th CENTURY VISUAL ART The visual artists of the seventeenth period built upon Renaissance techniques and explicit new emotions and force amid their works, emphasizing contrasting hue and sslight and rejecting controlled rectirectilinear perspective in condescension of dynamic diagonals and change-of-place. This art, denominated Baroque, reveals important miscellany opposite exoteric and cultural boundaries and, as some own argued, it seems to advert the collective and gregarious upheavals of the spaces. Search the Internet  Learn more about some of the considerable works from this space period: *** Image Search *** (The Hundred Guilder Plate) *** Respond in communication to the subjoined questions following viewing the instrument aloft. (200 signification analysi) 1)What aspects of the Baroque diction does Rembrandt strengthen in The Return of the Prodigal Son and in the etching Christ Preaching?    2)How does Rembrandt convey out the characteristics of Protestant devotionalism in his works of art?