P.O.B Production sba

School Based Assessments CSEC Principles of Business West St. George Secondary School Jomodean Alexander Description of the Business General Blams Mechanics & Body labors Supply conquer be operated by Jomodean Alexander who is an entrepreneur. General Blams Mechanics & Body labors supply is going to be operated as a unmarried dealer concern, in which it conquer be promotive in contrariant areas for .e.g. it conquer be providing deportment strive for any sign of deportment which conquer include the; betaking of deportment the edifice of deportment & the selling of deportments. It conquer be commencing from Monday to Saturday, Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm and on Saturday From 9:00am to 2:00pm. Justification of Location General Balms Mechanics & Body labors supply conquer be located in Kingstown contradictory the old tennis affect. It conquer be located in Kingstown consequently, everybody entertain to after in town, it is the barely Mechanics & Body labors supply in its area, it’s the cheapest in the country, the most affordable and gives the best of the best job to be performed. Selection of embezzle Labor General Blams Mechanics & Body labors supply requires a useful strive force; people who entertain a certificate in Mechanics & Body labors it also requires people delay CSEC material/ `A’ raze Subjects which include: Mathematics: 2/1, English: 2/1 and any concern material. It scantiness at smallest 5 people: (2) of them to relieve in the mechanics area, (2) of them to relieve in the Body labors area and the other 3 of them to relieve in being the useful man in which they would acceleration induce the tools etc. Sources of Urban and Working Capital General Blams Mechanics & Body labors supply, the sources of my urban high, refers to my urban property, is barely another promise used in accounts that resources the identical as urban property, examples of my urban high are: Concern premise Computers for chronicles keeping Mechanical tools Role of the Entrepreneur The role of the entrepreneur is for him/ her to mould unfailing that their laborers to their job and to do it in the way the entrepreneur scantinesss them to do it. Type of Production In my concern it conquer be test as a Secondary Production consequently of the sign of labor that we are going to be doing. Levels of Production Use of Technology Linkages Potential for Growth Government Regulations Ethical Issues Communication of notice in a close way using chasten grammar